Girish Tembre

“An organization is where you grow, l-earn and mature”. Vidushi work environment exceeds the given three.

There is more of l-earning in the earning when it comes to Vidushi. Therefore i honestly learned to GIVE what i GOT here. Working at different levels from low to high, surpassing the career lines; experience in Vidushi has no limits. A great knowledge exposure by working within and around whether its local or international Clients i always excel to give the best.

I resemble this organization as a Gurukul where Suresh Sir stands as a Guru and equally knowledgeable pillars like Vijay Sir, Ravish and Mr Satrughan hold the foundation strong. Its a privilege for me to be a micron of Vidushi that upheaves and inspires me to a “never give up” knack. One big observation from my end about the working environment is that i feel Vidushi as a “FAMILY TOGETHER”, coz all the members/employees in Vidushi are quite closer, friendlier, respectful and more of a oneness and nurturing as compared to any organization.

I started my career as a Project Support and I’ve grew as Vidushi did. The real experience about and within Vidushi is that one starts as a student and matures to a complete INDIVIDUAL undergoing through the thick and think series of experience. To support this truth – I’ve experienced the most ups and downs and learning the fact of “Survival of the fittest” hence Vidushi stands a lone Supplier till date, whereas other ships sank to the floors. The same applies for all the successful Vidushi ex-employees too. Their success lies in the same as we are proud for their success. This can be well proved by the latest RECOGNITION AWARD for EXCELLENT SERVICES which wouldn’t have been possible without the contribution of each employee till date.

On the left front: Employee recognition, refreshment events, Boosters  and curricular and cultural activities etc have always been a part of a HAPPY vidushi which keeps the ball rolling to exult the employee skills on a broader front.

To conclude; an honest feedback – I’m proud to be a part of this exceptional organization.
Hence thankful to Suresh Sir and every member with whom i’ve worked in Vidushi who contributed to bring me to this exuberant level.