Ajit Kumar

Before I start writing about my journey with Vidushi, I would like you to be little patience and along with beg your few minutes time to read below lines. In these lines I have tried to explain my frame of mind, it may differ from yours

ONE WAY TO EXPAND OUR THINKING is to look at life as a journey, not a destination. When we travel to a destination, we usually have a schedule, a deadline, a departure Time, an arrival time, a pre-determined mode of transportation, and so forth. Not much is leftto chance. When you travel to a destination, you know fairly well what you will see and whenyou will see it; you know what you will eat and when you will eat it.
When you go on a journey,your travel is filled with unexpected experiences: you see things you never imagined; you eatthings you never thought about eating; you learn things you never knew existed.

When you look at life as a journey, you look at life as a process. You know where you eventually want to wind up, you just don’t know for sure how you’re going to get there, whenyou’re going to get there, or what you’re going to do along the way.
Company’s culture is not rigid but is ever growing, ever changing. That it is notmeant to be learned but is meant to be lived. Because culture changes, the best way to integratefun into it is not to treat fun as a destination but rather, as a journey.

When you consider fun a destination, your charge might be: ‘What we’re going to do ismake this company fun!’ When you consider fun a journey, your thought process would be:‘What do we want this company to become?’
When you treat fun as a destination, you have to schedule your fun and the best you can dois arrive on time. When you treat fun as a journey and you allow fun the Freedom to exist, thenfun happens when it’s needed and you arrive exhilarated.

When you take your company on a journey, you invite all its members to participate – tobring their diversity to the mix. You create a salad made of several kinds of greens and unlimitedvegetables and fruit.

When you consider life a journey, you take a long-term focus on your intentions; you celebrate and visualize. And you change. But most of all, you discover that fun automatically showsup when it’s needed. That fun has its own schedule, its own form, and its own reason for being.

Expand your thinking. Take a journey. And your fun will never end.

This is what I was looking for before the start of my professional career. I got campus in Vidushi in year 2007 and started my journey along with it.
Many ups and downs came in our journey, but we as a unit overcame the storms.

Overall learning

My first tentative steps into the world of coding and computer programming may well make me more aware of my inexperience as Vidushi was my first company, but don’t feel that this is a liability. In fact, a lack of experience may be my greatest advantage in the current software development environment.
Because of following…

  • I was so excited – to learn new things and converting my ideas into reality.
  • One bite at a time – was scared so learning the thing one at a time.
  • No defined boundaries – had an advantage to write the code according to my logic and concept.

And many more as a platform Vidushi has provided to develop myself as a complete professional.

Challenging project
A Project which made a mark and showcased in Vidushi’s project portfolio– Main Data Group. MDG project made the history, we are successfully delivering the clients need and solutions from past 6 years.
All the solutions are above the Client expectations.

About Vidushi as a Family / Team

Vidushi defines Best Employers as companies that: “…drive consistent long-term performance through organizational cultures marked by strong leadership, strong performance orientation, and a strong brand and, ultimately, strong employee engagement.” All the employees are talented to deliver the clients need with 100% customer satisfaction.

Overall Vidushi is providing a friendly atmosphere to work in.

Vision for the Organization
We as a company started our journey, have a mile to go and reach the heights.