Reasons Why Google Suspends Local Listings

Google Penalising Local Listing

Are you suffering because your business listing in Google is suspended? Don’t know what to do? Continue reading this write-up to get an idea of what are the real causes or reasons behind the suspension of local listings. The Google My Business guidelines have long list of things that one should follow, some offenses are really serious than others.

To improve your position and avoid such circumstances, check out the facts around suspension.

Google will never ever tell you the reason behind your suspension

Don’t expect that a Google employee will tell you why your account got suspended. Google will not help rule breakers get better and avoid certain consequences.

Two types of Suspension

The first type of suspension is known as soft suspension. This is the situation when you sign up to Google My Business and come across the suspended label and then no longer possess the ability to manage your listing. But, your listing will show up on Google and Google Maps as well.

In this particular case, the listing has become unverified. Because you have broken Google’s guidelines, they have simply removed your ability to manage the listing. This will not create impact on your listing’s position.
The best you can do to fight against this issue is creating a new Google account, re-check the listing and stop breaking the rules.

The next one is called Hard Suspension. This is a serious issue and it means that your entire listing is removed from Google, including all photos and reviews.

The only solution is to get Google to restore it. The chances of that are low because this happens when Google has decided that the business listing is not eligible to be on Google maps.

Below given are the reasons behind suspension

  • Presence of forwarding URL in your website field: If the website URL that your business was using is a vanity URL, your page will get suspended. According to the guidelines; it is strictly prohibited to mention phone numbers or URLs that redirect to landing pages. This often results in suspension
  • Adding unnecessary information to your name by including market taglines, store codes, special characters, and so on is not allowed. This often results in soft suspension. But the business is still eligible on Google Maps.
  • As per Google’s guidelines on service area business, you can only show your address if customers show up at your business address. It is important for business owners to verify their listing. Non verified listing that appears on Google maps can be removed.
  • Do not create multiple verified listings for your business, either in a single account or multiple accounts. Google often suspend such listings. They will un-verify the legit one and removes the duplicate.
  • Recently Google suspended a gun shop and claimed that this business type should not be on Google Plus. As per Google laws, regulated goods are allowed only if they can set a geographic age restriction.
  • For online businesses, it is must to create a G+ brand page. This is a rule that the businesses should follow. If they don’t have a brand page, they won’t rank in the Google Maps.
  • It is often noticed that legitimate locksmith had their listings suspended because the spam filter took them down.

If your listing is suspended and you don’t know what to do, re-check your webpage and find out the reason behind suspension.You can even hire a Digital Marketing Expert for better assistance.