How to Maintain Your SEO Ranking?

SEO Ranking

Every online business aims to generate a consistent source of traffic, but majority fails to do so. After reaching at the top of search engine page, you need to defend your position and this is when your real struggle begins. If you don’t have visitors coming to your website, it is difficult to convert them into loyal and long-term customers. But if you can establish yourself through the lens of Google, it will definitely increase your visibility in search engine queries.

To help you secure your ranking in Google, here we have sum up for you some essential tips that need to be followed the right way. Check it out:

Update your Website

No matter what, updating your site on regular basis is utmost important. Google takes into account both content freshness and quality as part of its ranking algorithm. So, keeping your site up to date is a sure shot way to maintain your position.

If you want to maintain your keywords, updating your content by adding videos and images is a great idea to go for. This will enhance the experience of your readers and entice other people to link your site.
Ensure to improve the visual appeal of your brand. Optimizing the layout of your site will reduce bounce rates, increasing the likelihood of your visitors.

Speed up Your Site

Site speed up is important as it has long been a ranking factor in Google. Websites that don’t load very fast are not at all preferred by the customers and Google as well. If your website is not loading fast enough, visitors will likely resort to an alternative solution.

Google urges webmasters to get their page loading time faster for mobile devices. The best you can do is switch to a faster and reliable hosting service or you can use a content delivery network to increase the download speed.

Build backlinks

If you are thinking of building too many backlinks, Google may penalize your domain and place a red flag against you. Basically, it is about quality and not quantity. Ensure that the backlinks you build are relevant and no need to link them to the same article. Google want their users to access relevant and quality content.

If your site is ranking well in Google because of a certain keyword, then back link to multiple pages will boost your authority with Google.

Make the Most of Your Social Media Presence

Do you have any idea about social media’s impact on rankings? Sites like Facebook and Twitter are viewed by search engines with high authorities. This fact is clear from their PageRank. If you want to prove your relevancy to Google, it is necessary to build links from these networks. Make sure you have social media sharing icons on your articles and blog post and ask customers for likes, shares or comment. This strategy really works.

SEO or search engine optimization is a long time process as it involves loads of strategies. Do not expect for overnight results because you will need a few months before you start noticing the results of your SEO effort. Implementing the above strategies will help you maintain your position. Contact VGlobal Inc a leading digital marketing agency for your business needs.