How To Deal With When The Wrong Page Ranks For Your Keyword

Wrong landing page

If all of a sudden you discover that your site is ranking for a certain keyword, but the ranking page is irrelevant; what will you do or how will you deal with it? This situation is widely common amongst marketers and this result in frustration for the SEOs. Don’t get so much disturbed as we can help you out in a better way!

When experiencing such a situation, it is recommended to prioritize only those pages that matter the most to you. Take care and look through your Google webmaster tools now. Find out keywords that are bringing more traffic for you, and also look at those URLs that are doing well by receiving the most traffic from Google search.

Below summed-up are some steps that one should follow to overcome such situations:

Examine the Underlying Cause

To find out what the underlying issue is, you can follow a unique and effective method. When you will search for metal frame eyeglasses site;, you will come across many pages with those keywords that are well targeted. Basically, a relevant page does not exist on the website. Your first step should be to talk to the team. Hire someone who can create a metal frames page.

This is not the case with LensCrafters, but it could be that the relevant page is having indexing or link issues or crawling. Indexing and crawling means that you have blocked it by robots.txt. It may be that the content is not crawlable by Google. It could be a content issue as well, where essentially you have a page about metal frames. May be there is not enough content or unique value provided by that content for Google to feel like it should be ranked. Not getting enough links can also be an issue. Sometimes, the ranking ability gets overwhelmed by another page, which is not again LensCrafter’s deal. Finding out the issues at the initial stage will help resolve your difficulty, the better way.

Create relevant pages

It is always important to create relevant pages. If you already have a relevant page, your aim should be to promote that page. Frankly speaking, you will want to strengthen that page’s potential ranking signals and to do so; you need to take care of your site and its content as well.

Degrade the non-relevant Pages

The best you can do is degrading the ranking signals of all the non-relevant pages. Take away keywords and make them harder for the engines to parse. You can also re-point internal links. Ensure that there is at least one anchor-text rich link from this particular page and also the other pages. If you think, you can request for some external link changes, do so. In such a situation, you need to consult a press or a blogger or whatever external website is linking.

If Everything Fails

Last but not the least; if everything else is not working out for you and you have a page that is ranking only for a particular keyword, in this case; the site will not kill the ranking page for lot of other things. What you should do is consider taking that particular page, which we generally call 301 redirecting to the page you don’t want to rank.

After taking the content, recreate the same with an entirely new URL, which will modify and relink up your site’s architecture. Continue doing redirect 301 here also.

These are some of the ways that can help you fight against wrong page ranks. If you can execute the strategies, it is for sure that you will be able to achieve what your dreamt for your website. Hire Vglobal’s dedicated resource to overcome such situations