Reviews by our current employees who are a part of building the great organization

Employees have always been the most important asset for VGlobal. Our employees hold expertise in various facets of web development and solutions. While employees serve our clients with high quality specialized services, we provide them with an array of opportunities for self-growth. Employees cherish the work culture and relationships built at VGlobal. The current employees share great reviews about the company. Take a look at some of them.



Ravish Prasad

More than a decade flew so fast with me , Each day was a learning day for me ,as we get always new stuff from client . As per time changes we have adapted our Offering and Introduce new service in order to stand tall and sound in our marketplace We even have seen the recession Period which have taught us many good facts and due to which…

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Girish Tembre

“An organization is where you grow, l-earn and mature”. Vidushi work environment exceeds the given three. There is more of l-earning in the earning when it comes to Vidushi. Therefore i honestly learned to GIVE what i GOT here. Working at different levels from low to high, surpassing the career lines; experience in Vidushi has no limits. A great knowledge exposure by working within and around whether its…

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Sahil Survase

As a HR professional, I would say that VIT is a great platform for people at all levels to develop oneself as a strong professional. There are many advantages of being a part growing concern like VIT, where people are tend to get maximum exposure which helps to build career. One thing I have experienced here is that, if you prove your caliber and show that you can…

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Kishor Pawar

I started my Career with VIT as a developer and now, I am a Project Manager. My experience with vit is 7 years now. The experience wit VIT is one of its kind and the exposers here to work with the international clients and interact with them is really something one should experience. Handling a team is one of the perks which i have got from VIT. The…

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