Google Maps Marketing as an Effective Tool to Target Your Local Audience

Google My Business

Google Maps Marketing is an effective tool used to target local audience. Not only it helps reach local audience but promotes your brand as well. No matter what business you’re in to, targeting local audience is a must. The purpose of this marketing tool is to help business rank amongst top 3 local listings on Google Maps results. … [Read more...]

Find Out How SEO is Changing Rapidly

Rapid Change in SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is considered as one of the most influential marketing platforms in the world. This is because, SEO is always leading in terms of innovation and updates. Google frequently makes changes to their algorithms to make SEO more worthwhile for website owners and to diminish black hat SEO practitioners. SEO practices that once dominated the industry, are in vain now.   … [Read more...]

Can Google Posts Help to Improve Local Search Rankings


Google posts is one of the newer things that content marketers and business owners are dealing with. This is a platform that helps you create up to three posts and add them to your business’s knowledge graph results. The posts you create lasts for only 7 days. Therefore, you just need to track them and keep on posting with new one, each week.Though some of the marketers are using them, many believe that this is not worth spending time on.If you’re still not aware of what Google posts is all about and why you should spend your time on it, do read the blog. … [Read more...]

Keep your AdWords’ Budget under Control

Improve Paid Search Performance

The only purpose of an AdWords marketer is to improve ROI, and this starts with managing your budget. Unfortunately, it is not that easy! With AdWords, it is difficult to keep budget under control and there are certain reasons behind the same. This is the reason why most companies set a monthly or quarterly budget for advertising. … [Read more...]

Important Pillars of an Effective SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy

Understanding SEO or exemplifying the concept of search engine optimization is not easy always. With each passing year, SEO is crossing borders with content marketing, web development and other parts of marketing strategy, and it is hard to draw exact lines between them at times.If you are a beginner to the world of SEO, here are some key ingredients that would help you develop SEO strategy or campaign and achieve better organic search results.Defining the pillars of SEO will help clear the concept by breaking down the key elements of search optimization, after years of persistent change in the industry.Technical SEOTechnical SEO is all about ensuring that a search engine is reading your … [Read more...]

Beware of These Spammy SEO Tactics

Beware of These Spammy SEO Tactics

If done the right way, search engine optimization can be highly profitable for your business. But, using the old techniques can prove dangerous to your SEO strategy. It’s important to focus on tactics that have long term value and will end up providing better results for your site.So today we’ll help you with avoiding some of the SEO tactics for the better. Do take a quick glance. … [Read more...]

9 E-Commerce Technologies for 2017 and Beyond!

ecommerce technologes

The long awaited holiday season is over! It’s the perfect time to focus on your e-commerce business and make it more successful. The competition for the top organic rank is always high and as an e-commerce player, you should start with analyzing the past year’s progress and focus on creating a fresh strategy. Below are some marketing tips that can revive your ecommerce marketing in 2017. … [Read more...]

AdWords Responsive Ads: New Features Coming Soon

AdWords Responsive Ads

Responsive ads are like a boon to the online advertising theme. Google responsive ads were rolled out in July this year. Responsive ads are a very interesting concept; they have dynamic features that automatically adjust size, appearance and format of the ad to fit into any available ad space. Responsive Ads are a big relief to display advertiser, as it makes their job much easier. Considering dynamic requirements like, different formats and variety of items like text, images, flash, video etc. Responsive ads have a simple work around, all you need to do is enter assets – comprising of headlines, landing page and images. Once your campaign is launched and the assets are approved, AdWords … [Read more...]

Value Proposition behind the Use of Only Professionals for Search Engine Optimization of Your Website

Importance of SEO Professionals for Your Website

SEO has its importance at peak, when business is conducted online. A perfectly planned and carefully implemented SEO strategy is the apt way to rank high in the SEO results. If the SEO strategy is not up to the mark, it is very much obvious that your website will see downward results and end up being at the bottom of search engines. This means it will be surpassed and competitors will take away all the cream being at top spots. Who doesn’t want to be on the top spot? In order to be there, your SEO strategies must be in place and delivering up to the mark. Many business decision makers prefer doing this by themselves, rather than appointing experts. We are sure you must be equipped with … [Read more...]