Advertiser’s Respond to Fewer Ads Showing on Google

Google adwords

It is a known fact that, Google recently changed the way ads were displayed before on search engine result pages. This sudden change or update by Google created a buzz amongst the advertisers who were not aware of something like this will happen. But now what?

As of now, the update has become live and advertisers are really focusing hard on optimizing their ads so that they can rank better in search engine result pages. We are here to discuss about how the advertisers should respond to this update and what are the steps that they need to implement to achieve better results.

Let’s talk about About the Changes That Took Place

It was on the month of February, 2016 when Google started with removing right hand side ads (RHS). This change reduced the maximum number of text ads on the page from eleven to, only seven.

This change created impact amongst advertisers, but the impact seems to be positive, as per several pieces of research. RHS ads had a terrible “click through rate” and as per reports, no major changes or impact is found. Google’s Matt Lawson said that in aggregate, the change is neutral for the small advertisers. The change opens up a huge number of new clicks to the advertisers. As an individual, you need to pay close attention to how we all are individually impacted because of this update.

Availability of More Clicks

Research says that ads shown at the top of the page have better click through rate than what appeared on the RHS. The click through rate of the top ads is 14 times higher than that of RHS ads.

Andy Taylor and Mark Ballard from RKG reported that the top ad “click through rate” has declined by five percent because there is only one additional ad to click on and on the other hand, bottom ads have improved CTR by 60 percent because there are only fewer ads to choose from.

Do you think there are More Ads Available Now?

Though this change can make 16 percent more clicks available, the reality is we are not being able to see the increase right away because Google still regulates how many ads will show above the results.

How to Help Your Ad Rank amongst Top 4?

You can improve your ad position and ad extensions like SiteLinks and to do so, you need to follow the essential steps, mentioned below.

Step1; Bid to position

The most effective way to make your ads eligible on the search result page is to use bid to position methodology. Google has its own flexible bid strategy from where you can choose between aiming for the top of the page or the first page of results. Google automatically changes the bids needed to achieve top position.

If you are making use of Google’s Flexible bid strategy, you will be provided with the option to exclude any specific keywords with a quality score of 3. The reason behind so is, bidding for low QS keywords is cost prohibitive and such keywords are better served with QS optimization.

Step 2; Perk up Quality Score

Good news is Google reports now include the three powerful components of QS. This makes it easier to identify the actual way to improve QS. Get in touch with the ways to utilize the fresh data from Google;

  • Find out keywords having below average score for ad text
  • Check if such keywords are in the ad group or not
  • If yes, move such keywords to the new ad groups and then try a new landing page
  • If no, then you need to rewrite the ad in the ad group or you may change the landing pages
  • Final Thoughts

    Decrease of ads on the Google search result pages may look like they are getting fewer clicks, but this change will crucially enhance the number of clicks available. Finally, it is up to the advertisers to decide who will get the bigger piece.

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