3 Upcoming Trends in Paid Search to Check Out

Paid Advertising

Do you have any idea about what will happen in the world of paid search in the coming years? It is really difficult to assume something because recently we have seen significant changes on the search result pages (SERPs). Right hand side ads have disappeared and we have also seen more placement of Google shopping ad units on mobile devices.

After going through a bit of research work, we have assembled some crucial data about the upcoming trends in the world of paid search. Though we refer mostly to Google but these predictions apply largely to all the major search engines.

Besides, marketers will experience more changes in the paid search landscape.

More Shopping Ads

It is a known fact that Google shopping has been successful for Google and thus, share of clicks from Google shopping ads continues to flourish. According to information from Merkle, PLAs overall accounted for 38 percent of retailers and Google search ad clicks in 2015 was up from 30 percent a year earlier. Growth of PLA was because of some recent changes, the first was the better clarity of Google shopping results on mobile devices. Another reason for the growth is Google’s Adsense for shopping program, which helps retailers display ads on third party sites. The addition of search partners like Kohl and Target are also responsible for PLA’s growth. This growth will continue in the coming years. Below are some additional ways you could see develop:

Bigger Google shopping results

Google shopping results could get bigger on desktop computers or you could also see them repeated in other places on the search engine result pages. You can already view Google shopping ads in images search. This is one of the effective ways Google may choose to monetize page content.

Local Paid Search Results

Recently, Google made some changes to their local search results with local business cards and thus, the carousel looks similar to Google shopping. Local Inventory Ads are Google’s first priority as they highlight how far the nearest store is to you and also they show specific store inventory.

Paid Messenger Ads

With chatting and instant messaging becoming popular, we could see shopping results introduced in chat conversations. Facebook is focusing on this matter and is referring to this as Messenger Bot store. Google is working on a new chat service, which will allow users to not only message but also to perform searches.

Voice Search

How can we forget about natural language search? Today we are in touch with digital personal assistants like Google Now, Cortana, Siri and Alexa. Microsoft recently talked about the seamless integration of digital assistants into our everyday workflow. On the other hand, the search engines are working hard on understanding the behavior in several contexts. You must be aware of Cortana’s location targeting and e-commerce activity as soon as the bit is rolled in. This type of advertising will extract data from several sources, but will be mostly mobile and personalized.

Expanded App Advertising

There is a lot of buzz about app indexing and deep links for search engine ranking. With app indexing, users can see as well as engage with app content in search results, no matter if the app is not installed on the mobile device. Expectedly, Google will be attempting to place advertising around deeper app content.

With app campaign advertising getting restricted, advertisers can only encourage people to download specific apps on display and YouTube. Thus, it can be assumed that marketers will be able to advertise in apps just as easily as they did on content network.

This same logic will be applied to the other platforms, marketing channels, websites, and devices and so on. You can even hire a PPC Expert for better assistance regarding the matter.